The GDT's 28th International Nature Photography Festival in Lünen had to be cancelled this year due to the Corona pandemic.

0014 Festival 2018 Jon 014

However, this did not stop us from finding a plan B and putting it into action. Of course, we could not replace the impressive flair of the community, the conversations and interactions, and nevertheless the 2020 festival will be kept in good memory.
For our GDT members, we thought of a very special task during this time. We sent them out into nature over the Lünen-weekend to show us how they could use the time they gained photographically.
We also found an optimal solution for our long-awaited award ceremony for the European Nature Photographer of the Year 2020, which was cancelled with a heavy heart. It was moved to the virtual world for the first time and was thus able to unfold an unbelievable reach. Simply grandiose!
Instead of the photo market, an interesting series of interviews with well-known companies was created. A nice opportunity to take a look "behind the sales table".

Our Lünen 2020

Even though our festival unfortunately had to be cancelled this year, we couldn't just let the Lünen weekend go by!

For the history books and for a joint project, we wanted to know from our GDT members what they did instead. Every year our festival falls in the best photo season for bird migration, autumn colouring and other special moments on golden October days. A (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this year, many members took advantage of it, resulting in wonderful nature images. From 23 - 25 October 2020 they went out into nature alone, with friends or even with the regional group and created unique memories. We are still touched!

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020 - AWARD CEREMONY

 Virtual photo market 2020

Alternative virtual photo market 2020  - our long-time photo market partners introduce themselves: