Outdoor exhibition: Nature photography through the ages

50 Years of the German Society for Nature Photography

For 50 years, the German Society for Nature Photography (GDT) has stood for photography that is technically, aesthetically and artistically outstanding, if not groundbreaking. Environmental protection and nature study have also been part of the association's declared values and tasks since the beginning. In 2021, the GDT celebrated its 50th anniversary - not as lavishly as planned, but no less visually stunning.

After all, what could be more appropriate for a society for nature photography than a selection of its best works. So, supported by a generous sponsorship from the company CEWE, an outdoor exhibition was conceived, showing 50 excellent nature photographs by GDT members from the last 20 years.

Informationen zur Ausstellung

Weights and measures

  1. Two flightcases on wheels (with photographs), each 135 kg  |  1,07 m wide x 1,19 m high x 0,59 m deep 
  2. Two palette with frames and anchoring system, each 257 kg  |  2 m long x 1,13 m wide x 1,03 m high

Number and size of exhibits

Number: 50 photographs and one text panel 
Size: each 100 x 100 cm 
Number of frames: 26

Frames and anchoring system

Images are printed on alu dibond. They are mounted back to back by inserting them into a groove on the frame, making it a total of 23 exhibits. The frames are 2 metres high and 1.30 metres wide (external dimensions) and set up with ground sockets. These sockets are 75cm long and pointed. Anchoring the frames with theses sockets requires a soft ground such as lawns.


Carriage costs are borne by the client if not agreed otherwise beforehand.  


GDT exhibition management 
Karen Korte 
phone: +49 (0)431-906 63 64