Festival Review 2016

Der erweiterte Fotomarkt in der Rundturnhalle


Lecture program

Alexander Badyaev (US/RU) Lighting the pathway: photographing as learning and exploring  www.tenbestphotos.com 
Bernd Nicolaisen (CH) RESTLICHT - Subjective photography: abstraction by reduction www.berndnicolaisen.com
Daniel Beltrá (US/ES) Passion and perspective: aerial views of a changing planet www.danielbeltra.com
Hans Strand (SE) Iceland above & below www.hansstrand.com
Keith Wilson (GB) Remembering elephants www.rememberingelephants.com
Klaus Echle & Joachim Wimmer, GDT (DE) Black Forest National Park www. echle-naturfoto.de
www. wimmer-naturfoto.de
Klaus Tamm, GDT (DE) Painting with the lens: a photographic journey through Europe www.tamm-photography.com 
Laurent Geslin (FR) European lynx: looking for a ghost www.laurent-geslin.com
Leon Baas (NL) Miracles at your feet www.discoverwildlife.com 
GDT Regional group Munich-South Bavaria (DE) Regional group Munich-South Bavaria, by pure chance www.gdtfoto.de/seiten/rg-muenchen-suedbayern.html
Sandra Bartocha und Werner Bollmann, GDT (DE) LYS - An intimate journey to the North www.lys-project.com
Solvin Zankl, GDT (DE) Wild oak: the little secrets of large trees www.solvinzankl.com 
Elyane und Cedric Jacquet (BE) The plight of the pangolin www.ppnat.com

Seminar program

Frank Treichler Adobe Photoshop Lightroom www.fototrainer4you.de
Hans Strand Landscape Photography www.hansstrand.com


Jan Vermeer Witte Veluwe www.janvermeer.nl
Klaus Tamm Story time www.tamm-photography.com
Stipendiaten 2014/2015 der Marius-van-der-Sandt-Stiftung Heath www.mvdss.nl 
Martin Stock Ocean´s art www.wattenmeerbilder.de
Sandra Bartocha & Werner Bollmann LYS – An Intimate Journey to the North www.lys-publishing.com 
Vogelfoto-Wettbewerb AVES Emotion’Ailes www.exposaves.be


The next international nature photo festival in Lünen will take place from 27 to 29 October 2017.

Picture review

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Exhibition opening

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