Referenten / Vortragsprogramm

Neil McIntyre (SCO) The Red Squirrel: A Future In The Forest  www.neilmcintyre.com 
LAURIE CAMPBELL (SCO) Otters Return to the River www.lauriecampbell.com
Britta Jaschinski (GB/DE) CRIMES - Wildlife or Commodity? www.brittaphotography.com
Rosamund Kidman-Cox (WPY/GB) THE TEST OF TIME - Ideas, innovation and inspiration, seen through 50 years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year  
Kilian Schönberger (DE) Germany's Landscapes - Unfamiliar and Overrun Places on our Doorstep www.kilianschoenberger.de
Will Burrard-Lucas (GB) From Camera Traps to BeetleCam - Adventures in Remote Photography www.burrard-lucas.com
Jim Brandenburg (USA) A photographer between the poles of now and then www.jimbrandenburg.com
Kathy Moran (National Geographic, USA) Conservation Storytelling - exploring the use of visual narrative to tell stories that go beyond just wildlife photography  
Klaus Nigge (DE) 25 years of Lünen Nature Photography Festival - The junk corner and other historical truths www.nigge.com
RG 13 Baden (DE) "Our Wild Home" - A Regional Group Project rg13.gdtfoto.de/
Johannes & Hugo Wassermann, Georg Kantioler und Manuel Plaickner (IT) Nature in perfection - A different view on South Tyrol www.kantioler.it
Michael Kenna (USA) Michael Kenna's Photographic Journey www.michaelkenna.com
Orsolya & Erlend Haarberg (HU/NO) Laponia — Majestic Stillness www.haarbergphoto.com
Uwe Hasubek, GDT (DE) South America - Stages of a journey www.uwehasubek.de


Will Burrard-Lucas Getting started with Remote and Camera Trap Photography www.burrard-lucas.com
Karsten Mosebach und Hermann Hirsch Great images, hard work – Taking the perfect nature photo www.karstenmosebach.de
Steffen Richter, m.objects Creating and Presenting Photo Shows www.mobjects.com

Aussteller Bildersaal

Michael Kenna (USA) Photographs from Japan and the Abruzzo mountains www.michaelkenna.com
Jo-Anne McArthur (USA) & Britta Jaschinski (DE/GB) The EU Zoo Enquiry www.bornfree.org.uk
40 Jahre Naturfotografengilde (NFG) members exhibition  
Serge Sorbi (BE) Aegolius – The Ghost of the High Ardennes www.sergesorbi.be
Orsolya und Erlend Haarberg (HU/NO) Laponia - Majestic Stillness www.haarbergphoto.com
Kilian Schönberger (DE) Mythical Germany www.kilianschoenberger.de
Biophoto (IT) The ecosystems of the Earth through the beautiful pictures of an international competition www.biophotocontest.com

Picture review

Fritz Steiniger Prize

The Bildersaal and Outdoor-Exhibition

The table of books


The next international nature photo festival in Lünen will take place

from 26 to 28 October 2018.