What are the regional groups?

Nationwide the GDT has 15 regional groups (RG) as well as a group of young photographers and a regional group in the Switzerland. GDT members and guests are offered the possibility to visit events hosted by any of these groups. Each regional group is led by a Head of Regional Group elected by the members of the particular group. His or her election is announced at the next general meeting of members.

What do the regional groups offer?

Communicating the purpose and the objectives of the GDT to the general public is considered a spe- cial task of the RGs. For this reason each RG organizes regional meetings open to all GDT members within the corresponding region. Guests are very welcome except for internal meetings. Planning and organizing meetings and events is in the hands of the individual groups. Content and frequency depend on the commitment of the members.

The Heads of Regional Group are constantly in touch with the board and the GDT office to ensure the flow of information and to pass on suggestions and proposals. A list of events of each RG as well as reports of meetings and special events will be published on the GDT home page and in our members’ magazine GDT-Intern.

The range of activities has very few limits as long as they are in compliance with the statutes of the GDT. They can range from an informal exchange of views, slide shows or excursions, exhibitions and seminars to supporting a particular photographer applying for full GDT membership and productive review of pictures and much more.

GDT Regional Groups

Contact person and homepage of the regional groups

GDT Youth Group

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Jugendgruppe Maximilian Hornisch B
Regional group leader | Maximilian Hornisch | maximilianhornisch@gmail.com

On forays through nearby forests and meadows, Maximilian Hornisch discovered the surrounding flora and fauna at a young age. He quickly developed a scientific interest in the biological processes that shape our environment. However, nature plays a central role in Hornisch's life not only as an object of scientific interest, but also as a place of aesthetic contemplation. Since the end of 2017, he has been leading the GDT youth group together with Christian Zehner.
Regional group leader | Christian Zehner | info@christianzehner.de

Christian Zehner grew up in a village on the foothills of the Rothaargebirge. No wonder that his first motifs were the forests around his home. Over time, nature fascinated him more and more, so that he is now studying forestry engineering in Freising. He prefers to photograph in series and tries to combine colors and shapes with natural processes. Especially when he can concentrate only on photography for a few days or weeks.

RG I - Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein

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RG 1 Holger Tange B
Regional group leader | Holger Tange | tange-photo@arcor.de

Fascinated by photography since his earliest youth, Tange started his own business as a freelance photographer in 1989. Thereby the "animal, nature and travel photography", both regionally and internationally, formed a special focus.
Since 2009 Holger Tange is a full member of the GDT and since March 2012 RG leader of the regional group I – Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein.
Hans Rutar
Regional group leader | Hans Rutar | hans.rutar@erutario.de

Like many others, his interest in nature began with the world of birds. The song and the colorful feathers attracted Hans Rutar to look and listen even more closely.
Rutar came to nature photography through the NABU/DBV. In 1990 he learned about the meetings of the GDT regional group. Since then, he has looked forward to the weekends when a GDT meeting is held. Rutar has been a helper at the GDT festival in Lünen for almost as long.

RG II - Ruhr region, Münsterland, Lower Rhin

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RG 2 G�nter Minten B
Regional group leader | Günter Minten | guenter-minten@gelsennet.de

Already in his youth Günter Minten was interested in photography. At that time he had access to a black-and-white photo lab and was fascinated by the slow creation of the enlarged image in the developer.
His photographic knowledge he has initially acquired largely self-taught. In search of constructive criticism and the support of experienced nature photographers, Günter Minten finally came to the GDT.

RG III - Berlin, Brandenburg

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Jon A. Juarez
Regional group leader | Jon Andoni Juarez Garcia | joanjugaphoto@gmail.com

Jon Juárez is a Berlin-based nature photographer with great interest in the interaction between humans and animals.
Since 2017, Jon has been the RG director of the GDT in Berlin-Brandenburg. Juárez has been organizing projects and workshops for nature photography and environmental protection with schools from Berlin and Brandenburg for years. Every year he volunteers at the festival in Lünen, and he is one of the organizers of the Spanish festival MontPhoto.
Klemens Karkow
Regional group leader | Klemens Karkow | naturfoto@karkow.net

To inspire people for nature and especially for nature conservation is his goal - both professionally and privately. Photography helps a lot in this and Klemens Karkow always enjoys being out in nature with his camera.

RG IV - Lower Saxony

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Burkard Kriesten
Regional group leader | Burkhard Kriesten | b.kriesten@teleos-web.de

RG V - South Westphalia

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RG 5 Marcel Schneider B
Regional group leader | Marcel Schneider | pmschneider@posteo.de

The photographic spark in him was ignited by his father, former RG leader Gerhard Schneider, when he took Marcel to the wintry Dovrefjell (Norway) in February 2016 and handed him an old Canon 5D MK II. At the time, Marcel Schneider had little idea about ISO, aperture and co, but he has not gotten his finger off the release since then.
His concern as RG leader is to inspire also and especially young people for nature photography and to give them this special view of the beauty of nature.

RG VI - Hesse, Palatinate, Saarland

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RG 6 Thomas Scheffel B

Regional group leader | Thomas Scheffel | rg6@gdtfoto.de

Thomas Scheffel has been occupied with the subject of nature since his early youth. Many years ago, he discovered photography to capture what he sees and experiences in pictures. Being out and about in nature is a central point in Scheffel's life. Taking pictures while doing so is the big motivation, but no longer mandatory. „bigger-faster-further“ is not his goal.

RG 6 Thomas Kirchen B von Patrick Schoenecker
Regional group leader | Thomas Kirchen | rg6@gdtfoto.de

Thomas Kirchen developed a love of nature during his childhood. The digital age then brought him to photography. Always annoyed by the uncertainty of what really arrived on an analog film and waiting until you see something, kept him for a long time from more intensive photography. In April 2002, the spell was broken by his first digital, a Canon Powershot Pro90 IS. Focal lengths up to 360mm with a low closest focusing distance opened his way into macro photography. This preference earned him the name "Macro Tom".

RG VII - Main-Franconia

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RG 7 Dr Sven Dannh�user B
Regional group leader | Dr. Sven Dannhäuser | gdt.rg7@gmail.com

Born and raised among the rivers and forests of beautiful central Franconia, Dr. Sven Dannhäuser has been fascinated by nature since early childhood. Driven by the desire for discovery as well as scientific curiosity, Dannhäuser prefers to travel the multifaceted regions of Germany and Europe – always in search of unique landscapes and rare animal species whose beauty he can capture in his photographs.
Since 2017, together with Ritsch Euler, he forms the leadership team of Regional Group VII – Main-Frankonia.
RG 7 Ritsch Euler B
Regional group leader | Ritsch Euler | gdt.rg7@gmail.com

For many years, Ritsch Euler has been taking photographs as a balance to his profession - preferably in nature. He got into serious nature photography through long walks in the forests of the Spessart, where there is an incredible amount of fascinating and exciting things to discover, which he wanted to capture photographically. Because it is important to him not only to photograph and document nature, but also to actively contribute to its preservation, Euler is involved in the NABU group in Mernes, where he focuses on amphibians and reptiles for nature conservation.

RG VIII - Württemberg, Bavaria

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RG 8 Benjamin Waldmann B
Regional group leader | Benjamin Waldmann | rg8@gdtfoto.de

Since childhood, Benjamin Waldmann has been outdoors with his father, whose enthusiasm for nature and photography jumped out at him early on. But only since the beginning of his studies in the early 2000s, he is intensively engaged in nature photography.
Waldmann finds his motifs mainly in front of the house and in recent years especially on the Swabian Alb. Waldmann appreciates the exchange with like-minded people, whether professionally or privately, and is immensely happy when people with the same passion can come together.
Bernd Nill
Regional group leader | Bernd Nill | rg8@gdtfoto.de

RG IX - Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

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RG 9 Mario M�ller
Regional group leader | Mario Müller | MV@gdtfoto.de

Mario Müller already had a fascination for ornithology as a child, which found its course in 1978 with documentary photography in ornithology. From 1990 onwards, numerous journeys took him to remote regions of the world (including Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Nepal, Tibet, Rwanda, Japan and Svalbard). Digital photography with various Canon cameras and Canon lenses brought Müller to the GDT in 2010 and specifically to the regional group IX – Mecklenburg-West-Pomerania.
Volker Bohlmann
Regional group leader | Volker Bohlmann | MV@gdtfoto.de

RG X - Saxony, Saxony Anhalt

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Gernot Pohl
Regional group leader | Gernot Pohl | gernotpohl@t-online.de
Axel Schmoll
Regional group leader | Axel Schmoll | axel.schmoll@gmx.de

RG XI - / North Hesse

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RG 11 Anja Gieseler B
Regional group leader | Anja Gieseler | Anja.Gieseler@freenet.de

For 15 years now, photography has been the perfect balance to Anja Gieseler's hectic professional life. Gieseler prefers to sit in her hut and wait for THE moment, or roams through nature and lets herself be surprised by motif ideas. In the beginning she was fascinated mainly by birds, meanwhile she devotes herself – except for one or the other „fur face“ – but also very often the plants and mushrooms.
Regional group leader | Marko König | markokoenig@yahoo.de

Marko König has been interested in nature since his childhood. He was particularly interested in ornithology in his youth. Later, his field of interest expanded and his focus turned especially to the microcosm. The desire to show others what he had seen and experienced led to his interest in nature photography. His goal is to capture the beauty of nature and to bring the uniqueness and peculiarities of living creatures to others through pictures.

RG XII - Rhineland

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RG 12 Alexandra W�nsch B
Regional group leader | Alexandra Wünsch | rg12@gdtfoto.de

Born under the star sign of the Löwen, her later passion was already laid in her cradle. What better place for a lion than in nature? Growing up in a rural area, Alexandra Wünsch enjoyed being out in nature from an early age. Out of the desire to capture the many big and small wonders of nature, she began nature photography as a young adult. She finds her motifs wherever there is a spot of nature - she doesn't need to travel far to find them. The diversity of nature, its changes and power, but also the tenderness and fragility fascinate her.
RG 12 Bernd Liedtke A
Regional group leader | Bernd Liedtke | rg12@gdtfoto.de

Coincidences can shape an entire life. In Bernd Liedtke's case, they were not only decisive for his professional development, but also for his increasingly intensive involvement with nature photography. Without the move from Mainz to the vicinity of Koblenz, which was necessary for professional reasons, he would not have ended up in the small town on the Middle Rhine, which is surrounded by meadows, forests and small streams.

RG XIII - Baden

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Stefan Betz
Regional group leader | Stefan Betz | stefan@betz-naturfoto.de

His job as a secondary school teacher challenges Stefan Betz again and again. The stay and the experiences in nature are his little time-outs from everyday life. In the beginning he did pure action photography and at some point the desire arose to capture this beautiful environment.
torsten bittner
Regional group leader | Dr. Torsten Bittner | torsten@bittner-naturfoto.de

Torsten Bittner came to photography with the digital age. The passion and interest in nature as well as his own demand for macro photography then grew from year to year more and more. The primary focus of his photographic work is macro photography, although the spectrum has expanded more and more in recent times.

RG XIV - North Bavaria - Thuringia

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RG 14 Marcus Grabe B
Regional group leader | Marcus Grabe | marcus.grabe@web.de

RG XV - Munich - South Bavaria

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RG 15 Christopher Meyer von Karl Seidl B
Regional group leader | Christopher Meyer | Christopher.meyer@outlook.de

His studies in landscape and environmental planning brought Christopher Meyer to nature photography a good 5 years ago. At first, the camera was always in his pocket for documenting animals and plants. After a few years, and certainly with the help of the GDT youth group, his photography developed into a creative engagement with nature and landscape.
RG 15 Karl Seidl B
Regional group leader | Karl Seidl | karl.seidl@me.com

Nature photography has been Seidl's passion for twenty years now. Most of his pictures are taken in the Bavarian and Austrian national parks. The short distances allow him to visit the same places at all times of the day and year and thus to work intensively on an area. His drive and goal is to find vantage points that you can't see from the parking lot, but have to hike or climb.

RG Switzerland

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Wolfgang Dreher
Regional group leader | Wolfgang Dreher | info@wodis.ch