GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2020

Gesamtsieger | Overall Winner:  Peter Lindel | A Hare´s Dream

Overall Winner: Peter Lindel - A hare's dream

This photo A hare's dream was taken in July of 2019, when months of searching a suitable location led me to a dirt road, which offered the most beautiful morning light, lovely vegetation and ... three hares. And since at least two of them were not disturbed by my presence and followed their routine as usual, a series of photos with different light situations was created, and I was able to capture these striking heads once more with my camera. Dreamy, curious, careful, anxious. These are the adjectives that I find describe the expression of my hare best.


The European hare, once a common inhabitant of open country all over Germany, has become a rare sight. While the large number of hares that I used to spot every morning on my way to work in the fields and meadows north of Dortmund, prompted me twelve years ago to explore this area with my camera, it has now become increasingly time-consuming to find hares and present them in an appealing photograph.

Gatherings of more than a dozen hares in not only one but several fields used to be the norm. Now, I am delighted if I spot more than four together. Back then, I could allow myself the luxury to check whether light, perspective or background in the neighbouring field was more suitable. More than once I was determined to shelve this region photographically speaking, but hope and old ties kept drawing me.

I am 51 years old, married with the most understanding wife ever, father of three almost grown-up children, and nature photography has been my passion for many years. My emphasis is on local as well as African fauna. I am a paediatric radiologist by profession.

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