Rewilding Europe Award

Rewilding Europe Award

Launched in 2022 in cooperation with Rewilding Europe, the award is integrated as a special category in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition! The Rewilding Europe Award aims to showcase Europe’s nature at its most brilliant and resilient.

Rewilding breathes life back into our landscapes. It helps us reconnect with the wonders of Europe’s spectacular wild nature. Rewilding is our best hope for a future where people and nature not only co-exist but flourish.

This is a single-image category and the jury is looking for images that tell a story and go beyond showing just beautiful landscapes or animals in their environment. Instead, think of photographs that show how the return of wildlife has shaped a landscape, such as a beaver’s impact on the life and course of a river.

Look for the interactions that are happening because a species has bounced back from the brink, such as predators hunting herbivores, or a fox eating beetles living on the dung of a bison.
Introduce us to the people who are actively involved in rewilding through releasing species or restoring gravel beds in rivers.
Find the examples of human-wildlife coexistence, like a farmer training a young dog to protect livestock from wolves.
Celebrate the forest that has been allowed to naturally regenerate and cover a hillside.

These are all examples of rewilding, but there are many more out there. Your photographs can champion a cause, inspire action, and be a beacon of hope for a wilder, more vibrant Europe.

Remember, as well as awarding the rewilding story behind the image, the jury will be looking for strong composition and technical excellence too.

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