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Every year, we look for the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and, within this competition, we also award the Fritz Pölking Prize for an outstanding photographic work.
Celebrated nature photographers from all over Europe participate in these competitions. The awarded images reflect all aspects of modern nature and wildlife photography and represent the huge variety of photographic topics in this specific field. Every year, the GDT proudly presents a high-quality catalogue that shows the awarded pictures on more than 150 pages (in German language, with English translations at the end of the catalogue). A firework of fantastic pictures to indulge, to enjoy, to experience!

Furthermore, every year we look for the Nature Photographer of the Year within our members' competition. This competition is exclusively reserved for our members.
Showcasing the exceptional quality and specific style of European nature photography and raising awareness for the concept of nature conservation through the means of photography are everlasting aims of our competitions. It goes without saying that ethical standards and non-manipulated images are a core value.

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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Fritz Pölking Prize and Fritz Pölking Junior Prize

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Members competition Nature Photographer of the Year

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