50 Years of German Society for Nature Photography - Our jubilee

The GDT can look back on more than 50 eventful years. For the anniversary in 2021, the book Augenzeugen der Natur – 50 Jahre GDT, Naturfotografie im Wandel der Zeit
and an exciting documentary about the GDT, which is both a retrospective and a look ahead, appeared: 50 Jahre Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie – Eine Geschichte der Öffnung.

Eyewitnesses to Nature - the book on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the GDT (German Society for Nature Photography)

Half a century has passed. How has the GDT changed during this time? What is the situation of nature photography today? Nine members have become 1800, digital technology has revolutionised the world of photography and cameras have learned to fly. Did women have to fight for their place in nature photography? Can nature photography be art, and what role does it take in nature conservation?

This book covers all essential topics related to nature photography. Renowned photographers have their say, experts provide insight into their special fields. And a selection of the most awesome nature photographs of the last 50 years makes Eyewitnesses to Nature an absolute highlight for all nature and photography enthusiasts.

The book is published in German language at Tecklenborg publishing house.

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The German Society for Nature Photography - 50 Years of Openness

50 years, a lot has happened in this time in Germany and of course also in the GDT. Since its founding in April 1971, our association has always been a reflection of the social and cultural situation in our country. The reunification in 1989 had just as much impact on the GDT as the new position of women in society. The digital revolution influenced our visual language, and the internet has fundamentally changed the way we consume images. Nine members became 1800, a small members' festival in Braunfels developed into a major international event in Lünen, and a new competition with a European flavour has managed to establish itself at the top of the internationally respected photo competitions in the last 20 years. What was the role of our most famous founding member Fritz Pölking in this? How did the long road to changing the name of our association develop? Is "Blümchenfotografin" (in German sometimes derogative for flower photographer) an appropriate name? And what is it about the nights in Lünen?

50 years, that's about the age difference between the youngest and the oldest people who give their opinions on the many topics surrounding the GDT in this documentary. Filmmakers Elena Gyldenkerne and Jon A. Juárez travelled all over Germany and interviewed 27 members and friends of the GDT. From a contemporary witness of the founding event to festival staff, board members, regional group leaders and former presidents to the managing director and representatives of the Tecklenborg publishing house - the range of people interviewed reflects the diversity that makes up the GDT today.

The German Society for Nature Photography - 50 Years of Openness  is both a retrospective and a look ahead, the portrait of an association that started small and today can boast a top position in the nature photography scene in Germany and the world.

This exciting, informative and humorous documentary can be watched here:

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Nature photography through the ages - Outdoor exhibition of the GDT at the Flusspark Lünen

For 50 years, the German Society for Nature Photography has stood for photography that is technically, aesthetically and artistically outstanding, if not groundbreaking. Environmental protection and nature study have also been part of the association's declared values and tasks since the beginning. In 2021, the GDT will not celebrate its 50th anniversary as lavishly as planned, but no less visually stunning.

Even though the International Nature Photography Festival 2021 and a big anniversary celebration had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, the GDT does not want to let its 50th anniversary go uncelebrated. What would be a better way for a nature photography society to celebrate than with a selection of its best work. So, supported by a generous sponsorship from the company CEWE, an outdoor exhibition was conceived, showing 50 excellent nature photographs by GDT members from the last 20 years. In cooperation with the city of Lünen and supported by the Sparkasse an der Lippe, this travelling exhibition was opened on 24 October 2021  in the Flusspark Lünen. The pictures were on display in the beautiful park landscape along the Lippe until 30 November 2021