GDT Nature Photographer of the Year

Our member competition is open to all GDT members!

The competition 2024 is closed.

Our annual member competition offers the perfect opportunity to present your work. We encourage all members to showcase your unique perspectives and creative talents.
We look forward to receiving your entries and are excited to experience the diversity of nature photography through your eyes. Show us your world, share your stories and let's enjoy the beauty of nature together!

Valuable prizes await the overall winners as well as the first and second place winners in each category. The winning pictures will be exhibited for the first time at our membership meeting and then presented at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in Bonn. The exhibition will open there with a media-effective vernissage and then move on to the International Nature Photography Festival in Lünen, where a selection of the images will be on display. After the festival, the Rügen Natural Heritage Center will take over the exhibition, which can be admired there until the next membership meeting.
All the images will also be published in an extensive photo series in the GDT Forum Naturfotografie magazine and on our website at This competition also attracts a great deal of international interest from the public media.

Competition rules

You can find the competition rules here.
The closing date for entries was February 1, 2024 - 24:00.


Our competition is divided into seven categories:

    K1 - Birds
    K2 - Mammals
    K3 - Other animals
    K4 - Plants and fungi
    K5 - Landscapes
    K6 - Nature studio
    K7 - Special category: All things flow - Germany's river landscapes

Judging Panel

Our qualified jury of nature photographers will carefully review the entries and select the top ten works in each category during the main judging.
The GDT members will then vote from the jury selection in two rounds: the first round of voting (category rankings) will be online and open to all. For organizational and technical reasons, the second voting round (selection of the overall winner from all category winners) can unfortunately only take place live during the members' meeting.

Martin Stock

Martin Stock

The photographer Martin Stock is an veteran expert on the Wadden Sea. His enthusiasm for the coastal waters of the south-eastern North Sea began during his alternative civilian service at the Wadden Sea Conservation Station on the German hallig (island) ofLangeness. After graduating with a doctorate in biology, he initially worked for the WWF and later moved to a job in the administration of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. Martin's extensive experience in and around the Wadden Sea has resulted in numerous scientific, popular science and illustrated books, as well as calendars and magazine articles. Organisations throughout the Wadden Sea region use his photographs for public relations purposes, and Martin presents his pictures in exhibitions throughout Europe. He recently published the illustrated book Wunderwelt Wattenmeertogether with Tim Schröder. Martin holds workshops on the Wadden Sea and other topics.

Sandra Westermann

Sandra Westermann

Sandra Westermann (*1980) began her career as a freelance photographer ten years ago. When photographing nature, her focus lies on landscapes and plants. Sandra's goal is to create images that show much more than just the obvious. She seeks to reveal her own personal point of view with special attention to the details that expose the beauty and aesthetics of nature.Sandra lives and photographs in northern Lower Saxony.

Bernhard Schubert

Bernhard Schubert

Bernhard Schubert is a zoologist and freelance nature photographer. His natural sciences background enables Bernhard to realise his visions in animal and nature photography. Bernhard's love of nature was fostered by the many hikes he went on with hisfamily as a child. Already at a young age, he was enthralled by plants and animals of all kinds. Meeting like-minded enthusiasts at university and having the opportunity to realise a childhood dream during an internship in the tropics inspired Bernhard todelve deeper into nature photography.Bernhard excels in diverse approaches to nature photography, be it the use of drones, underwater cameras, camera traps, wide-angle macro lenses or super telephoto lenses. Anything that helps him to capture nature in all its facets awakens his interest in new technologies.When on the hunt for photo motifs, the award-winning and internationally renowned photographer from Wiener Neustadt in Austria gravitates towards the tropics, the Mediterranean regionand the pristine regions of his home country.


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