Who is the GDT?

There is a society or association for wildlife and nature photography in almost every European country. In Germany this is the Society of German Nature Photographers (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen e.V. – GDT), a registered non-profit organisation since 1971 and one of the world‘s largest nature photography associations. In addition to members from Germany, Europe and overseas, numerous sponsors from the photographic industry including many well-known camera manu- facturers, specialist suppliers in nature photography, publishers and agencies, support the goals and the work of the GDT by their sponsor membership. The GDT‘s 15 regional groups and the group of young photographers meet regularly several times during the year for slide shows, the exchange of information and experience and to socialize and talk with people of the same interest. Guests are very welcome!

What does the GDT want?

The GDT set itself the task to produce photographically appealing, convincing and biological irrefutable wildlife photographs in accordance with the prevailing laws and to distribute the images to the public by exhibitions, books, photo magazines, catalogues and lectures. This way the GDT wants to contribute to a better understanding of nature and to promote nature conservation. For GDT members respect for nature is the key principle when following their photographic ambitions.

What does the GDT do?

Every autumn the GDT organizes and hosts a large international nature photography festival. Lectures and slide shows by photographers from all over the world, many exhibitions, discussions, seminars and workshops on current issues of nature photography draw several thousand visitors to Lünen each year. During the festival a large photo market presents latest inventions and novelties in the field of photographic equipment, customized designs, numerous accessories, books and travels relating to nature photography.

Annually, the GDT presents two competitions of international acclaim, whose corresponding exhibitions are showcased at many national and international exhibition venues:

1. GDT Nature Photographer of the Year (GNPY)
This competition is exclusively for GDT members from Germany and abroad.

2. GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (GDT EWPY)
This competition is open to all professional and non-professional photographers resident in Europe and for GDT members. Patron of the competition is the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), Prof. Dr. Beate Jessel.

The members‘ magazine GDT-Intern is published three times a year. Four times a year the GDT publishes the high-quality magazine ‘forum natur- fotografie‘, which is distributed by Tecklenborg publishing house. To accompany the European competition the GDT also publishes an exhibition catalogue in cooperation with Tecklenborg publishing house.

How do you become a member and what are the advantages of membership?

All nature photographers from Germany or abroad can become a GDT member. The GDT offers two possible types of membership: sponsor membership and full membership. Sponsor members are (just like full members) entitled to vote but cannot run for office. All members will receive concessions at GDT events as well as our magazine three times a year, latest leaflets and other information.

The possibility of a special insurance for photographic equipment with customized offers and reductions for GDT members and a membership for Canon photographers in the exclusive ‚Canon Professional Service‘ (Germany and Switzerland only) irrespective of their range of equip- ment, round off the advantages of membership.

The board decides about admission as a full member on the basis of 20 nature photographs which the applicant has to send in. As a full mem- ber you are entitled to vote at the general meeting and you can hold an office in the society‘s board of management. Currently, legal entities (sponsoring companies) pay an annual fee of € 250; for private sponsor and full members the annual fee is € 85. Stu- dents, pupils and young people under the age of 18 pay € 40; members resident outside Germany pay € 103. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the GDT- Office. There is also the possibility of downloading the documents from our website at www.gdtfoto.de

What are the regional groups?

Nationwide the GDT has 15 regional groups (RG) and a group of young photographers. GDT members and guests have the possibility to visit events hosted by any of these groups. Each regional group is led by a head of regional group elected by the members of the particular group. His or her election is announced at the next general meeting of mem- bers.

What do the regional groups offer?

Communicating the purpose and the objectives of the GDT to the general public is considered a special task of the RGs. For this reason, each RG organizes regional meetings open to all GDT members within the corresponding catchment area. Guests are very welcome except for internal meetings. Planning and organizing meetings and events is in the hands of the individual groups. Content and frequency depend on the commitment of the members. The heads of regional group are constantly in touch with the board of management and the GDT office to ensure the flow of information and to pass on suggestions and proposals. A list of events of each RG as well as reports of meetings and special events will be published on the GDT website and in our members‘ magazine ‚GDT-Intern‘.

The range of activities has very few limits as long as they are in com- pliance with the statutes of the GDT. They can range from an informal exchange of views, slide shows or excursions, exhibitions and seminars to supporting a particular photographer applying for full GDT mem- bership and productive review of pictures and much more.

What are the regional groups not meant for?

Non-members are very welcome to participate in the events of the regional groups as guests. However, they should not use the RGs as a constant source of information and services free of charge. If you would like to benefit from the possibilities of one or several RGs on a long term basis, please support the RGs actively by contributing to their work and efforts. Please also consider joining the GDT as a member!

Regional meetings and activities need to be planned and organized. Even if your RG meets infrequently or emphasis is placed on casual meetings with an exchange of experiences and ideas, personal contribution of each member and each guest is considered necessary and essential. Only individual participation will bring life into the regional groups and the GDT.

Young photographers

There is a GDT group of young photographers open to all GDT mem- bers of up to 26 years of age. The group‘s intention is to provide a common base and the possibility for exchange and discussion. Young photographers can introduce themselves to other GDT members on the group‘s own website and give an insight into their portfolio. This will give them the opportunity to draw some attention and to show that the up-and-coming generation of photographers has a thing or two to say.