Speakers / lecture program

Espen Bergersen (NO A Norwegian whale tale  www.naturgalleriet.no 
Sebastian Hennigs, GDT (DE) Dangerous heritage - Natural treasures on former military training areas www.hennigs-photography.de
Birgit Potthoff, GDT (DE) Icescapes – Setting off to inner landscapes  
Wilfried Vogel, GDT (DE) Plant dreams  
Project Wildes Ruhrgebiet (DE) Moments of urban nature www.wildes-ruhrgebiet.de/
Theo Bosboom, GDT (NL) Shaped by the Sea www.theobosboom.nl
Javier Aznar González de Rueda (ES) The amazing world of insects - Life on the limit javieraznarphotography.com
Jo-Anne McArthur (CA) Animals in the Anthropocene - Our Cameras as Tools for Change joannemcarthur.com/
Gunther Wegner (DE) Modern timelapse photography with the DSLR gwegner.de
Carlton Ward Jr. (US) Florida Wild - Hidden in Plain Sight www.carltonward.com/
Regional Group 10 Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt (DE) Natural treasures of Central Germany rg10.gdtfoto.de/
Klaus Nigge, GDT (DE) Mbuni – The great bird of Africa nigge.com
Milan Radicis (HU) New perspectives - Fascinating waterscapes from above www.milan.hu
Bruno D'Amicis, GDT (IT) The Secret of the Giants - Discovering Europe's oldest beech forests www.brunodamicis.com
Dorin Bofan (RO) Terra Silva - Romania's forests between art and conservation www.dorinbofan.com
Christoph Kaula & Jessica Winter, GDT (DE) The Ural owl in Austria - The return of an indigenous species www.jessicawinterphoto.com


Carlton Ward (US) Florida Wild www.carltonward.com
Theo Bosboom (NL) Shaped by the Sea www.theobosboom.nl
Hermann Hirsch & Jan Leßmann (DE) Serenity  
Lars Andreas Dybvik (NO) PLAY uskarp.no
Stephan Amm (DE) Franconia's Nature – Passionate about diversity stephan-amm.de
Milan Radisics (HU) WATER.SHAPE.EARTH water.shapes.earth
Biophoto (IT) The ecosystems of the Earth through the beautiful pictures of an international competition www.biophotocontest.com

Picture Review


The next international nature photo festival in Lünen will take place

from 25 to 27 October 2019.