GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

Overall Winner: Alexander Mustard

Alexander Mustard

Night Moves

I watched these bar jacks (Caranx ruber) hunting over the coral reefs for several nights and was struggling to capture the energy of the predation. Ultimately, I decided to experiment with long exposures, using an underwater video light to illuminate their trails as they dived down to the reef to feed. You can also see the smaller trails of their prey attempting to evade them. The long swooping trails are dives to catch prey, the more sinuous trails are where the bar jack is swimming slower as it devours the meal. It took several nights work to time an exposure correctly.

Nikon D700, Nikon 16-35mm f/4. At 16mm, ISO 400, tripod, Subal uw housing, Sola uw light

Dr Alexander MUSTARD, 38 from the UK, trained and worked as a marine biologist, but since 2004 has worked full time as an underwater photographer and author. His photographs have won many awards including categories in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and British Wildlife Photography Awards. His most recent book Reefs Revealed won the International Grand Prize for the best book of underwater photographs at the World Festival of Underwater Photography, France. His photographs have been displayed in exhibitions around the world and a particular highlight was personally presenting his work to Queen Elizabeth II. Alex is a regular contributor to many publications in the marine, wildlife, diving and photographic media, and to date has published more than 400 articles. His images are also regularly featured in other newspapers and magazines around the world. He is one of the photographers working on the 2020VISION conservation photography project in the UK. One of the most unusual projects Alex has been involved in is Nissan’s NV200 concept car built for the Tokyo Motor Show. The car was designed specifically around his needs as an underwater photographer working in the field. He is the inventor of the Magic Filters, filters designed specifically for available light underwater photography with digital cameras. He also runs highly popular underwater photography workshops at top diving destinations around the world.

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