Why choose the GDT?

  • It‘s THE organization for nature photography in Germany
  • It’s the strongest community for nature photographers in Europe
  • 16 active regional groups offer information, excursions, exchange with like-minded people, joint projects, feedback and much more
  • 4 issues per year of the top-class magazine forum naturfotografie
  • Personal space myGDT on the GDT’s website
  • GDT Young Photographers for young nature photographers of up to 27 years of age
  • Annually, the GDT presents two competitions of international acclaim, whose corresponding exhibitions are showcased at many national and international exhibition venues:
    • GDT Nature Photographer of the Year (GNPY)
      This competition is exclusively for GDT members from Germany and abroad.
    • European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (EWPY)
      This competition is open to all professional and non-professional photographers resident in Europe and for GDT members.

What does the GDT represent?

The GDT considers itself a community of people with shared values connected by their passion for nature photography and their love for nature.

Our attitude is based on three pillars:

  • Photographic quality
  • Authentic images
  • Working with, for and in favour of nature conservation

What else?

  • Reductions at events such as the GDT International Nature Photography Festival in Lünen
  • Shopping in the AC-Foto partnershop with exclusive price advantages for GDT members on Canon cameras, lenses and accessories as well as bags and tripods from Buteo, Feisol, evoc, f-stop and MindShift
  • Special deals for insuring your equipment with our long-term partner and specialist for photography equipment Aktivas (choose between Classic and Premium - only for Germany and Switzerland)
  • Discussion platform, members‘ forum and members‘ facebook group
  • Safe market place for used equipment on our website and FB-secondhand market
  • Possibility to gain full membership
  • Special offers and activities with our sponsors


Membership FAQ

Q: How do I become a member?

It´s so easy: download all necessary documents here. For your application please return them to our administration office:

Marc Hesse
Zum Jagenstein 1
14478 Potsdam

Q: How much is the membership fee?

The regular fee for members from abroad is 103 Euro per year. This includes the subscription for the magazine forum naturfotografie. 

Reductions (50 Euro annual fee) are available for teenagers under 18 years, pupils, students, unemployed people or handicapped people (> 80%). More information about membership fees.

Q: I have already submitted the form but have received no answer.

Processing your membership application usually takes 1-2 weeks. If you have not received an answer after this period of time, please get in touch with GDT administration.

Q: Do I need to become a member prior to applying for full membership?

Yes, you do. When submitting 20 photographs to apply for full membership, you need to be a regular GDT member already.

Q: Member, full member? What is the difference?

You can join the GDT as a member as you can with any other society or club. You will then have all the rights as a member according to the society’s rules.

In addition, you will have the possibility to apply for full membership by submitting a portfolio of 20 photographs. When your photos have been assessed and your application was rejected, you will receive a brief review of each image. If your application was accepted you will be granted full membership. This means you are allowed to add GDT to your name.

Full membership indicates distinctive / exceptional nature photography in accordance with technical standards and ethics of high quality as well as the values of the GDT. It is a quality mark for outstanding photographs.

Q: How do I gain GDT full membership?

If you are already a GDT member and you are interested now in becoming a full member, we will assess the quality of your photographic work on the basis of 20 application photographs. You will find information, the guidelines and recommendations for applying for full membership in the PDF files below. Please read that document very carefully!

Guidelines and recommendations for full membership

Picture list for application full membership