Membership fees

The membership rate for GDT members is determined by the annual general meeting. Reduced rates are available to people with disabilities (> 80%), pupils, students and unemployed persons provided appropriate proof has been sent to the Management GDT by 15th March of the current year. Full rates are due if the applicable document of proof is not provided in response to a single reminder at the very latest. Refunds will not be granted retrospectively. Reduced rates are also provided to partners of members and young persons under the age of 18. The current membership rates have been settled on at the annual general meeting in March 2009.

Private members: 85,00 €
Disabled (> 80%), Pupils, students and unemployed persons: 40,00 €
Young persons under the age of 18: 40,00 €
Family membership rate (85,00 € + 42,00 € for the partner): 127,00 €
Out-of-state members: 103,00 €
Out-of-state students: 50,00 €

New GDT members who have been accepted during the current year up to 30th November have to pay the full annual membership fee. In return the new member will receive all issues of the magazins "Forum Naturfotografie" and "GDT Intern" that have been published that year.

Payment and periods of notice

All membership fees are due once a year. They are payable by direct debiting until the 31st March of the current year.

Members who are in arrears with their fee after 2 requests for payment can be expelled according to the statutes.

Membership in the GDT can be cancelled by the end of each year if the notice has been sent in writing latest by September 30th of that year.