25.-27. Oktober 2019

Individual exhibitions in the image gallery (Bildersaal)

L Altro Versante Luciano Gaudenzio

L'Altro Versante

Maurizio Biancarelli, Bruno D’Amicis, Luciano Gaudenzio

The project L'Altro Versante is rooted in the wish to explore Italy's natural heritage, celebrate its unique beauty and raise awareness for the urgent need to conserve habitats and species. Convinced that the best images are created on one's doorstep, we decided to leave more exotic regions alone and instead turned to travelling our homeland slowly and in a reflective mood. Doing this, we tried to rid ourselves from any preconceptions we might have, to look at our home area as if for the first time. For this project we selected more than 100 places across Italy, among them some of the most beautiful, most fragile and least known regions.

Our travels, no matter how long or short, required a lot of careful planning, preparation and financial support, but also creativity, patience, spirit of adventure and commitment. In the end, our efforts paid off. The Italian mountains have unveiled some of their secrets, which we are now going to share with an international audience, who all too often are stuck with a postcard stereotype of Italy coined by the hills of Tuscany and the canals of Venice.


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Florence Dabenoc


Florence Dabenoc

"The giraffe is beautiful, it's a ladder ... between the ground and the sky, the grass and the sun." (Marc Alyn)

When it comes to conservation, the giraffe is often forgotten. Although the giants of the savannah are protected in many African countries, their population has decreased by 40% in the past 30 years. Poaching (for skins and meat) and habitat destruction (deforestation, population movements) are the main reasons for their decline. At the end of 2016, they have been included in the list of endangered species.


It is impossible for me to imagine the African savannah without their haughty silhouettes. It would be like removing the "f" from the word "Africa", like the Arctic without polar bears, the ocean without whales, the Indonesian forest without orang-utans.

My exhibition TWIGA (giraffe in Swahili) is a cry of the heart, a cry of love for these majestic and endearing African icons.


Jon A Juarez

The heart of the barracks - A story of foxes, refugees and photography

Jon A. Juarez 

My life changed dramatically in 2016 when I got a job looking after refugee children at the old British military barracks in Spandau, Berlin. It was quite stressful in the beginning as everything was new for everyone involved, different cultures clashed, and everyone had their own deeply personal history. I used to spend some time after work at the old warehouses nearby, trying to relax and at the same time getting some images for a project on the urban life of foxes.


One day, the kids spotted me there. They asked why I was carrying a camera and why I had not taken them along. I wanted to protect my little island of peace and tried to get rid of them, but it was impossible. They stayed.

Looking back today, I am very grateful for their persistence; in the end, they became the project because they were the heart of the barracks.


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Robert Haasmann

BioPhotoContest 2019

The ecosystems of the earth presented by the best images of an international competition

BioPhotoContest is a competition dedicated to the diversity of biomes, the large ecosystems of our planet. It aims at inspiring photographers to deal with characteristic biotic and abiotic aspects of large habitat areas contributing to their conservation through photography.

Robert Haasmann

The photographs are divided into six categories: forests / rivers, lakes and marshes / deserts / steppes, savannah and prairies / oceans and coastal areas / polar ice caps and glaciers. For three days, the jury evaluated submissions from more than 36 countries. The quality of the composition and technique was an important criterium, but also the value the images might have for the conservation of the related region.


The winners in the six categories are (in alphabetical order): Claudio Ceresi (ITA), Emmanuel Graindépice (FRA), Arnfinn Johansen (NOR), Balázs Ravasz (HUN), Mauro Tronto (ITA) and Hugo Wassermann (ITA).

BioPhotoContest         www.biophotocontest.com

Bearer of bad tidings

Florian Smit

In medieval times, the appearance of Siberian jays was considered a warning of looming misery. It is, however, one of the most fascinating bird species I ever chose to photograph. Quite contrary to their reputation, these birds provided me with the most beautiful moments ever.On my trip around Scandinavia in the autumn of 2018, I had intended to concentrate on landscape photography. While on a hike through a coniferous forest, I accidentally noticed three Siberian jays who seemed to follow the same path. 


The sun lit up the birds' plumage in wonderful shades of orange that contrasted with the gnarled trees. Looking at this scene, I could not help myself: I abandoned my original idea and instead dedicated my time to a series on Siberian jays.

About the photographer: Florian Smit (26) lives not far from Bremen, Germany. He has been a freelance nature photographer since 2015.


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Bence Mate


naturArt, the association of Hungarian nature photographers, was founded in 1989. Since then, a huge number of outstanding nature images has been created. Presenting these images in an exhibition is of course a very subjective matter. We have, however, sought to choose a selection of the very best of naturArt, representing Hungarian nature photography.

Csaba Daroczi

The founders of naturArt wanted to create an organisation that would help convey the beauty of nature through ethically sound and visually appealing images. For 25 years we have been organising the competition Nature Photographer of the Year. Without false modesty, it has arguably become the leading nature photography competition of the region, promoting quality and creativity while maintaining a transparent jury process.

No doubt, this is reflected in the new talents turning up every year and Hungarian photographers being increasingly awarded in international nature photography competitions.

natur Art     www.naturart.hu 

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