28 - 30 October 2022

Individual exhibitions in the image gallery (Bildersaal)

Stefan Hefele | Forgotten Time

Stefan Hefele
Stefan Hefele lives with his family in the south of Germany and has been intensively involved in landscape and architectural photography for over a decade. His hunting grounds are the most diverse climatic zones of our planet. From the tropics to the icy worlds, he wants to bring us humans closer to the delicate intimacy and unique meaning of nature with his emotive images. Where nature is fighting its way back into the urban realm, Stefan is passionate about seeking out abandoned places that often act like time capsules and can tell of real history.

His exhibition features some of these places that have fallen into oblivion and hold a journey through seemingly forgotten times for the modern explorer. In the process, natural decay creates surreal spatial worlds that, unseen by the outside world, age into works of art in their own right. In the meantime, several book projects by Stefan Hefele have been published, among others by Frederking & Thaler and National Geographic. Just recently, the XL illustrated book "Temps Perdu - Journey to France's Forgotten Places" was published by F&T, which also includes some of the exhibition images.

Jan Leßmann, Hermann Hirsch and Klaus Tamm | Scotland - A winter journey

Hermann Hirsch

Three photographers on their way to the Scottish wilderness. Breathtaking wildlife sightings in the winter wonderland, secret inhabitants of the forests and silent landscapes. Photography is their artistic expression, nature their inspiration. Over four years Jan Leßmann, Hermann Hirsch and Klaus Tamm have observed and photographed Scottish nature in winter. The result is an inspiring exhibition about community, devotion and the love of nature.

Jan Leßmann, Hermann Hirsch and Klaus Tamm are united by their love of nature, art and experimental approaches to photography. With a sense of humor they wander through landscapes, search for woodcocks and woodpigeons and transform everyday situations into their personal interpretation of art. Their common concern is to draw attention to the beauty of nature and to preserve the mindful interaction between humans and nature. Many of their works have won awards in international competitions and have been presented in exhibitions and books.

Sandra Bartocha | Rhythm Of Nature

Sandra Bartocha

A summer night in the field under a starry sky, the whisper of reeds in the wind, the tinkling beauty of ice floes gathering on the shore ...
Rhythm Of Nature celebrates light and life. Sandra Bartocha takes you on an emotional and atmospheric journey through the seasons in her home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, with its quiet lakes, wide fields and meadows, old forests and the sea. Far from mere documentation, she knows how to draw the viewer into the rhythm of nature with her photographic perspective, to let them participate in the change of seasons, in becoming and passing away. Her images and video sequences celebrate the fleetingness of the moment, the greatness hidden in the small, the beauty of the subtile.
Sandra Bartocha is a German photographer, speaker and author specialising in natural landscapes as well as abstract work, with the specific aim of creating images that evoke an emotional response. Sandra is vice president of the GDT, chief editor of the magazine GDT Forum Naturfotografie, and author of various publications, including Fotoschule in Bildern. Naturfotografie and the highly acclaimed coffee table books LYS - An Intimate Journey to the North and Rhythm Of Nature. Sandra was a contributor to the pan-European project, Wild Wonders of Europe.

Marc Steichen | Nature au carré

Marc Steichen
Marc Steichen has been taking photographs since his earliest youth. With his photography he primarily tries to show our local nature in an aesthetic and creative way. In addition to the wildlife on our doorstep, he is also fascinated by the fauna of northern Europe, which he has been able to photograph on various trips. Since 2014 he is president of the Luxembourg Nature Photography Friends (LNF), where he likes to share his knowledge and fascination for nature and photography in lectures and workshops.

His exhibition "Nature au carré" shows nature photographs squared. The photos were taken over the last ten years and show motifs from different areas of nature photography. The choice to exhibit his nature photos in the classic square format was made quite deliberately. As a photographer, it was refreshing for him to rediscover his images. In addition, image composition, symmetry and lighting in the square have a whole new effect and allow animals to be depicted in their natural environment in a new way.

Klaus Tamm | Those who live in hiding - Wolves in Germany

Klaus Tamm

Wild wolves are returning to Germany after they had been exterminated for more than 100 years. Sightings become possible now, but, are extremely rare since this species behaves so cautiously and mostly turns up only during dawn and dusk when there is little light.Wolves are characterized by awe, intelligence, vigilance, i.a.Thus, taking pictures means an even bigger challenge. It took 300 hours of waiting until the first photography could be taken.

Beyond classic documentary and best described as „painted with the lens“ Klaus Tamms photographies put an old myth into perspective. The pictures were taken in Germany from 2014 until 2021 without manipulation and show wild wolves in their natural habitat in authentic situations.

Neil Aldridge, Matt Maran and Andy Parkinson | FOX - Neighbour Villain Icon

Matt Maran

Neighbour Villain Icon features the work of three award-winning photographers, Neil Aldridge, Matt Maran and Andy Parkinson, who have been photographing foxes collectively for over 20 years. Now, they have combined their talents to produce the most comprehensive photo book about one of Britain’s best-known predators. Their powerful and sensitive images shed light on the truth about foxes, and seek to dispel many of the myths that malign society’s attitudes towards these enigmatic animals.

Neil Aldridge is a photographer, film maker, speaker and professional wildlife guide. He uses his work to increase understanding and awareness of conservation issues and inspire change. His photography has been published by National Geographic, as well as in BBC Wildlife magazine and the collaborative Remembering Wildlife and Photographers Against Wildlife Crime book projects. London-based Matt Maran is the founder of Hemisphere Publishing. He has been photographing and filming wildlife for more than 20 years. His images are widely published in leading international publications including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, BBC Wildlife and National Geographic. He also works with commercial and non profit organisations and runs private and group workshops to help people engage with nature through photography.

Angel Fitor | Mare Ludicum

Angel Fitor

The exhibition MARE LUCIDUM shows a selection of the biodiversity that the Mediterranean still hosts to this day, and at the same time it is a record of the ecological problems that pose a massive threat to it.
At a time when science is no longer descriptive but application-oriented and the humanities are increasingly cornered by the void of immediacy in which we live, MARE LUCIDUM is an invitation to fascination for fascination's sake and reflection for knowledge's sake.
Angel Fitor shows photographs taken during his career of almost three decades as one of Europe's most important underwater photographers. 30 years of tireless efforts as a photographer and science journalist to give a voice to the sea, which is often misunderstood and mistreated.


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