GDT Regional Groups

What are the regional groups?

Nationwide the GDT has 15 regional groups (RG) as well as a group of young photographers and a regional group in the Switzerland. GDT members and guests are offered the possibility to visit events hosted by any of these groups. Each regional group is led by a Head of Regional Group elected by the members of the particular group. His or her election is announced at the next general meeting of members.

What do the regional groups offer?

Communicating the purpose and the objectives of the GDT to the general public is considered a spe- cial task of the RGs. For this reason each RG organizes regional meetings open to all GDT members within the corresponding region. Guests are very welcome except for internal meetings. Planning and organizing meetings and events is in the hands of the individual groups. Content and frequency depend on the commitment of the members.

The Heads of Regional Group are constantly in touch with the board and the GDT office to ensure the flow of information and to pass on suggestions and proposals. A list of events of each RG as well as reports of meetings and special events will be published on the GDT home page and in our members’ magazine GDT-Intern.

The range of activities has very few limits as long as they are in compliance with the statutes of the GDT. They can range from an informal exchange of views, slide shows or excursions, exhibitions and seminars to supporting a particular photographer applying for full GDT membership and productive review of pictures and much more.

What are the regional groups not meant for?

Non-members are very welcome to participate in the events of the regional groups as guests. Howe- ver, they should not use the RGs as a constant source of information and services free of charge. If you would like to benefit from the possibilities of one or several RGs on a long term bases, please support the RGs actively by contributing to their work and efforts. Please also consider joining the GDT as a member!

Regional meetings and activities need to be planned and organized. Even if your RG meets infre- quently or emphasis is placed on casual meetings with an exchange of experiences and ideas, perso- nal contribution of each member and each guest is considered necessary and essential. Only individu- al participation will bring live into the regional groups and the GDT.


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