Outdoor exhibition Best-of European Wildlife Photographer

For many years the images of the competition European Wildlife Photographer of the Year have pleased not only an expert audience but also the wider public in Germany and abroad. In this outdoor exhibition we present some of the highlights of past years – images that have set new standards at the time, some becoming icons of nature photography, and today they still trigger delight and amazement.

Our sincere thanks goes to the company CEWE Color, who made the alu dibond printing possible as part of a sponsoring campaign.

Information about the exhibition

Weights and measures

  1. Two flightcases on wheels (with photographs), each 135 kg  |  1,07 m wide x 1,19 m high x 0,59 m deep 
  2. Two palette with frames and anchoring system, each 257 kg  |  2 m long x 1,13 m wide x 1,03 m high

Number and size of exhibits

Number: 45 photographs and one text panel 
Size: each 100 x 100 cm 
Number of frames: 23 

Frames and anchoring system

Images are printed on alu dibond. They are mounted back to back by inserting them into a groove on the frame, making it a total of 23 exhibits. The frames are 2 metres high and 1.30 metres wide (external dimensions) and set up with ground sockets. These sockets are 75cm long and pointed. Anchoring the frames with theses sockets requires a soft ground such as lawns.


Carriage costs are borne by the client if not agreed otherwise beforehand.  


GDT exhibition management 
Karen Korte 
phone: +49 (0)431-906 63 64