Overall Winner: Cristobal Serrano (Spain)

Cristobal Serrano (ES) | Regenbogen-Stadt | Rainbow City
Rainbow City
I flew my drone high above the huge flocks of lesser flamingos (Phoeniconaias minor) at the muddy banks of Lake Bogoria (Kenya), where they find their favourite food, cyanobacteria of the spirulina genus, in the alkaline water of the lake. Because of the dry season, minerals and salts from the volcanic subsoil are highly concentrated, creating an explosion of rich colours that is visible from the air. The pink colour of the flamingos perfectly complemented the colour range of the great artist Mother Earth.

DJI Inspire 2 + Zenmuse X5s, Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 2.0/12mm(24mm), ISO 100

Biography Cristobal Serrano
Cristobal Serrano was born on 8 April 1969 in Alicante (Spain). He graduated in optometry from the university of his hometown, and then studied management at the IESE Business School. When he was twenty, his interest for nature and the environment developed, while at the same time a passion for artistic expression began to take hold. This finally led him to take up nature photography, which to this day plays an important role in his life.
His photographic work is defined by a very personal conceptual vision. His subjects range from the wildest and most merciless moments that nature has to offer to the softest and emotionally most touching situations. The fact that nature is in a continuous process of creating, developing and refining, which spawns unsuspected beauty, provides an ongoing photographic challenge for him in meeting his own requirements of graceful compositions and finest aesthetics. It is no surprise that his images have been awarded in the world's most renowned competitions.
His projects all follow this thought: “The art of creation is the art of nature”.

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