GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2016

1. Platz: Andreas Geh - Gänsesägerfamilie

Andreas Geh (Germany):
"Goosander Family"

At the end of May when out photographing dippers at a mountain river that empties into Lake Maggiore, I had watched a goosander emerging from out of the rocks every morning and taking its young downriver towards the lake. They stayed around the mouth of the river during the day and retreated back up the river at night to rest. I was moved by the animal's reliability and care and wanted to capture how the chicks followed their parent with tight bonds like a string of pearls. Thus I developed the idea to wait for them in the evening on the bridge that crosses the mouth of the river and photograph the whole family straight from above. The crystal-clear water enabled me to include the reflections of the rocks on the ground in the scene.

My friends at the GDT regional group saw this image as part of a lecture and insisted that I enter it in the competition, because they had never seen goosanders photographed like that and they were all enthralled. So I was surprised and delighted beyond anything when I actually won the title. It's great to have such friends."

Andreas Geh lives in the Hegau region at Lake Constance and has been a photographer since his childhood. He has immersed himself completely in nature photography since 2003; he is a full member of the GDT since 2011 and is actively involved in the GDT regional group Baden. His images are marketed internationally through various agencies and can be seen regularly in lectures, workshops and books. With his images he aims to promote a sense of respect and protection for Nature. Main focus: his local area at Lake Constance, USA and Scandinavia..


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Preis der Jury

Siegbert Werner - Winterflug

Siegert Werner (Germany) with "Winterflug": Bergfinkenflug in Hessen, bei Schneefall angeblitzt

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Die GDT möchte sich an dieser Stelle ganz herzlich bei der Firma AC-Foto für die großzügige Unterstützung mit Warengutscheinen für den Gesamtsieger, den Preis der Jury sowie alle 1. und 2. Plätze in diesem Wettbewerb bedanken!