• 08.06.2020 GDT International Nature Photography Festival in Lünen

    International Nature Photography Festival 2020

    With a heavy heart we decided to cancel this year's International Nature Photography Festival due to corona pandemic. It was a very difficult decision;in the GDT's history of almost 50 years, this has never happened before.

    A 'festival light' with social distancing between people, who would normally flood the event location with their joy to meet again, with exuberant talks in all kinds of languages about the last lecture, the latest macro lens or oncoming projects, was beyond everybody's imagination.

    There is also the question of common sense in the shadow of the pandemic: even if the festival could somehow take place within a permitted framework – would it really be a good idea to max out everything that is permitted? Isn't it much more advisable, on behalf of a sustainable suppression of the infection for this year, to bite the bullet and renounce the festival proactively?

    We wish everyone a wonderful and sunny summer, and hope that we see each other again in the not too far future. Next year the GDT will celebrate its 50th anniversary and we would like to celebrate this with all of you.

    So remember: the International Nature Photography Festival 2021 will take place 29 October to 31 October - save the date!

    We look forward to seeing you!