Guidelines for the application for a presentation at the GDT International Nature Photography Festival

Thank you very much for applying to give a presentation at the GDT‘s International Nature Photography Festival!

To enable the board of management to get a rough idea of your presentation, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following details when sending in your presentation outline.

Please download the printable PDF in which you will find all important informations for your application.

Guidelines for the application for a presentation at the GDT International Nature Photography Festival

1. Requirements

  • a short trailer (approx. 3-5 minutes) or 
  • a selection of at least 25 images saved as JPG les at 72 dpi and 1920 pixels on their longest side 
  • title and subtitle of the presentation 
  • a short summary of the presentation
  • your personal details 
  • an expressive photo of yourself at work

2. Important information

Please let us know if there is more than one person involved in your presentation or if another person gives the lecture instead of you. Associations are asked to provide information about the number of their members, contests, regular events, etc. as well as of the number of those who will participate as lecturers in the presentation. Please use the enclosed data sheet to let us know if you have already presented your lecture at other festivals or will do so in the same year (when and where).

3. Sending your data

Please send your pictures as JPG les and your texts (content of the presentation and information about yourself/your association) as Word documents as well as the enclosed data sheet on CD/DVD to our office:

GDT Geschäftsstelle Karen Korte
Körnerstraße 4
24103 Kiel - Germany

or send them online using a data service like e.g. WeTransfer to the following address:

4. Additional information

The board will look at your application and inform you about their decision. Please keep in mind that a rejection is not based on the quality of your lecture alone! Although your application may be very good, there is always the possibility that your presentation does not t in the context of the next festival, as for example other presentations with a similar topic have already been scheduled. The board reserves the right to shorten the favoured time frame by arrangement with the lecturer. Lectures cannot claim a special position/time slot in the lecture programme. The GDT also reserves the right to alter the schedule of the lecture program.

In exchange for their presentation lecturers will receive:
  • a small fee in recognition of their contribution
  • reimbursement of travel expenses (return) using the most economical means of transport 
  • accommodation in Lünen for one person from Friday to Sunday, possibly one more night if necessary
  • a free ticket for all presentations during the festival 
  • a voucher for the buffetet on Saturday evening 
  • the possibility to sell own publications during the festival (through GDT sta ) 
  • a number of food and beverage vouchers for the weekend 

In case the presentation is held by two or more lecturers, the group will receive a maximum of 2 free tickets for the presentations and the bu et, twice the amount of food vouchers and accordingly accommodation for two people.

We wish you all the best and a successful application!