27.-29. October 2017

Pilot project: Simultaneous Interpreting at the International Nature Photography Festival 2017

Dear festival visitors,

By popular request we are going to fulfil a dream long cherished by us and by many visitors to the lectures;

on Saturday, 28 October we are going to try out simultaneous interpreting!

On this day, every lecture will have simultaneous interpreting - German lectures into English, English lectures into German.

Headset - Hire

This comes with a few challenges, for which we need your help to ensure a smooth run on Saturday morning and an on‑time start of the lecture programme.

Headsets will be provided for a daily rate of 15 Euro. These headsets are very expensive. Therefore, we need to have a regulated distribution, and there will be a deposit of 20 Euro on them. This deposit will be paid out again on returning the headset. The time slot for handing out the headsets is very narrow, so we will need your assistance to get everything sorted:

1. E-mail us until 25th September

Please send an e-mail by 25th September, key word "headset" in the reference line to


in which you only state the number of headsets you require. It is enough to write e.g. "headset 2" in the reference line for "I would like 2 headsets". This is absolutely fine.

It will give us an idea of how many headsets will be required at the festival overall. Please note that these e-mails are solely for registration. Questions will not be answered. If you do have any queries, please send us an extra e-mail.

2. Fill in the document and bring it along

Please fill in the attached document "headset_hire_festival_2017" and bring it with you to the festival.

3. 15 € fee and 20 € deposit

Please bring filled-in document and 35 Euro in cash (per headset) with you to the festival. Make sure to bring the exact amount of cash; we will not be able to handle change!

4. Distribution of headsets

The headsets need to charge overnight, therefore they can only be picked up on Saturday morning from 8 o'clock. To ensure a rather speedy procedure and an on-time start of the lecture programme at 9 o'clock, we kindly ask for your assistance:

Should you already arrive on Friday, it would be GREAT help if you get the formalities (handing in the filled-in form and 35 Euro per headset) sorted on Friday evening during the exhibition opening near the catalogue sales stand. You will receive a red voucher, with which you can collect your headset(s) on Saturday morning from 8:30 at the round counter on the upper floor of the theatre.

All visitors arriving on Saturday morning can pick up their headset(s) from 8:00 at the cloakroom facilities at the Hansesaal foyer.

5. Returning headsets

Handing the headsets in again needs to be a rather speedy procedure as well, as there is only fairly little time between the end of the last lecture and the beginning of the Saturday night buffet.

The return point will probably be at the upper floor of the theatre foyer at the round counter. There will be several members of staff to receive your headset and after checking the alphabetically sorted document "headset_hire_festival_2017" return your deposit.


1. E-mail by 25th September: Register stating the number of headsets you require

2. Bring filled-in document "headset_hire_festival_2017" and 35 Euro in (the exact amount of) cash (per headset) with you to the festival

3. If possible settle the formalities already on Friday evening during the exhibition opening

4. A Distribution of headsets for everyone with a red voucher from 8:30 at the round counter on the upper floor of the theatre.

4. B Visitors arriving on Saturday, can collect their headsets from 8:00 at the cloakroom facilities at the Hansesaal foyer.

5. Returning the headsets and refunding of deposits: as soon as possible after the last lecture has ended on Saturday night; upper floor theatre foyer