RG IX Mecklenburg, West Pomerania

Mecklenburg, West Pomerania - approx. 23,000 sparsely populated square kilometres in the north-east of Germany - a land full of vastness and light, endless beaches, deep mysterious forests, quiet moors and fractures, a unique flora and fauna, for centuries a place of longing for poets and painters, a land full of contrasts and contradictions and home to 3 dozen nature photographers who have found each other in Regional Group IX of the German Society for Nature Photograpy and look back on a long tradition.

Website (german language)

>>> https://rg9.gdtfoto.de/

Heads of group

Volker Bohlmann

Volker Bohlmann

Milchsteig 55
19217 Rehna
Fon: +49 (0) 38872 . 6 01 91

RG 9 Mario M�ller Mario Müller
Achterberg 15
18311 Klockenhagen
Fon: +49 (0) 162 . 162 8083