25.-27. October 2019

Lecture program 2019

We are going to offer simultaneous interpreting German to English and English to German for everyone visiting the lectures on Saturday and Sunday. Please read up all the necessary information on our website in due time and book your headset online!

Saturday, October 26

  9:15 Maurizio Biancarelli, Luciano Gaudenzio, Bruno D’Amicis, GDT (IT): One Country – A thousand landscapes. The mountains of Italy as seen by LÁltro Versante
10:05 Klaus Echle, GDT (DE): Wildcats - Their return to our forests
10:35 BREAK
1. Andreas Büttner & Christian-Dietrich Morawitz, GDT: Lusatia- Paradise at a second glance
2. Helmut Weller, GDT: 50 years of nature conversation and nature photography. Using nature photos to fight against a further loss of biodiversity
3. Sarah Böhm, GDT: Cunning as a fox - From the life of family fox
12:05 Jan van der Greef, GDT (NL): Beyond Oneness
Bridging the seen an the unseen
15:00 Jon A. Juarez, GDT (ES/DE): Crossing borders – 
A story of foxes, refugees and photography
15:25 Ugo Mellone (IT/ES): Beyond alpenglows –
Conservation stories from Patagonia
16:00 Peter Cairns (GB): SCOTLAND: The Big Picture – A rewilding journey
16:40 BREAK
17:45 RAX Ragnar Axelsson (IS): The Arctic – Of glaciers and people

Sunday, October 27

  9:15 GDT Regionalgruppe 8 Württemberg-Bayern: Wild Alps-
Natural treasures between rocks, caves and water falls
  9:55 Sergey Gorshkov, GDT (RU): Wrangel Island
10:25 BREAK
11:30 Wenche Dahle (NO): The light of an ocean
11:55 Jasper Doest (NL): One dog makes a difference -
The power of story-telling
15:00 Csaba Daroczi (HU): Found an invented -
If you can´t be lucky, be creative!
15:30 Stefan Christmann, GDT (DE) Pinguin love
16:00 Last but not least – Conclusion of the festival