Application for a membership at the GDT

Dear nature photographer,

thank you for your interest in a membership at the "Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen e.V." (GDT)!

All nature photographers from Germany or abroad can become a GDT member. The GDT offers two possible types of membership:

  • sponsor membership and
  • full membership

All members are invited to take part at our members competition “GNPY”. All members will receive concessions at GDT events as well as our magazine three times a year, latest leaflets and other information. Though sponsor members cannot run for office.

About admission as a full member, GDT board decides on the basis of 20 nature photographs which the applicant has to send in.

The GDT has multiple attractive offers for their members which you shouldn´t miss out on:

  • Every autumn the GDT organizes and hosts a large international nature photography festival. Lectures and beamer shows by photographers from all over the world, many exhibitions, discussions, seminars and workshops on current issues of nature photography draw several thousand visitors to Lünen each year. During the festival a large photo market presents latest inventions and novelties in the field of photographic equipment, customized designs, numerous accessories, books and travels relating to nature photography.
  • Annually, the GDT presents two competitions of international acclaim, whose corresponding exhibitions are showcased at many national and international exhibition venues:
    • GDT Nature Photographer of the Year (GNPY)
      This competition is exclusively for GDT members from Germany and abroad.
    • GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (GDT EWPY)
      This competition is open to all professional and non-professional photographers resident in Europe and for GDT members.
  • Three times a year the GDT publishes a high-quality magazine "Forum Naturfotografie", the members magazine "GDT Intern" (both in German) as well as the annual exhibition catalogue for the European competition in cooperation with Tecklenborg publishing house.
  • The possibility of a special insurance for photographic equipment with customized offers and reductions for GDT members and a membership for Canon photographers in the exclusive "Canon Professional Service" (Germany and Switzerland only) irrespective of their range of equipment, round off the advantages of membership.

More information about the GDT you’ll find here

In the right sidebar of this page you´ll find all necessary documents as downloads. For your application please return them complete to our office.

An important note on applications for full membership

The number of applications for full membership in our organisation is constantly on the rise in an unprecedented way. On only 17 days in January we have received as much as 22 applications. This is greatly appreciated. However, the board of management is dealing with this flood of applications in addition to their many other time-consuming tasks.

We do this work as volunteers and we truly enjoy it. But the time we dedicate to the GDT besides our jobs and families has almost reached a tolerable limit.

Therefore, from now on we will not specify a period of time during which you will receive feedback on your application, and we will continue the practice of not discussing failed applications in detail if these do not show a minimum of photographic skills.

We still aim to deal with the images in an application with appropriate care and sufficient time and wish to give the applicant an in depth explanation should an application be rejected. This takes a lot of time and effort.

For that reason we strongly request the following:

  • Please only apply for full membership if you have gone through a period of thorough self-criticism and response by other nature photographers and thus anticipate a positive outcome.
  • It is essential to adhere to the formal requirements, which you can check here
  • Make contact with one of our regional groups and discuss your images with the members!

For the time being you are very welcome to join the GDT as a sponsor member any time - it's a simple and straightforward matter. After successful application for full membership, your status will be modified equally as easy.

Thank you for your cooperation!

your GDT Board of Management

If you apply as a sponsor member or already applied successfully as a fullmember, we will send you an informational brochure of the GDT with goals and guidelines of the society, the statutes as well as an overview over the regional groups with the addresses of the contact in charge. Here you can contact members of the GDT, who will be there for you during the regional group meetings with help and advice if you have any kind of question regarding nature photography.

Please understand that due to limeted time, the office cannot answer general questions about subjects like "How do I take pictures of what?", "How can I present my pictures?", etc.

We are looking forward to your application and remain until then with best wishes for wonderful experiences with the camera in nature.

Karen Korte, GDT-Office

Application sponsor membership

Application full membership

Guidelines and recommendations for applications for a full membership

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