28 - 30 October 2022


Strix (IT)


The Dolomites - Unique

The nature photographers Strix from South Tyrol have captured the magic of the Dolomites in many different aspects, from the smallest creatures to the mightiest rock formations. Their images are a declaration of love for the Dolomites, this unique jewel of the Alps.

About Strix
The association of South Tyrolean nature photographers calls itself Strix and has thus chosen the scientific genus of the tawny owl for its name. The association sees itself as a regional platform where interested people from all three language groups living in South Tyrol (German, Italian and Ladin) can come together to exchange ideas, talk shop and share their passion.

Since the founding of Strix in 1996, the South Tyrolean nature photographers have endeavoured to draw attention to nature with high-quality and authentic nature photography and to promote its value by means of good, expressive pictures. In the beginning, the association's activities were limited to monthly meetings. In the meantime, years of intensive involvement with nature and photography have borne fruit in sophisticated lecture programmes, exhibitions and books. Strix members have also been successful in numerous national and international competitions.


Matt Maran, Neil Aldridge & Andrew Parkinson (GB)

FOX - Matt, Neil, Andy

FOX - Neighbour Villain Icon

Neighbour Villain Icon features the work of three award-winning photographers, Neil Aldridge, Matt Maran and Andy Parkinson, who have been photographing foxes collectively for over 20 years. Now, they have combined their talents to produce the most comprehensive photo book about one of Britain’s best-known predators. Their powerful and sensitive images shed light on the truth about foxes, and seek to dispel many of the myths that malign society’s attitudes towards these enigmatic animals. This presentation, hosted by Matt Maran and Neil Aldridge, features an accompanying short film, key shots from the book and behind-the-scenes photographs showing the journey from capturing the images to filming foxes in the wild and ultimately producing the book.

About Neil Aldridge and Matt Maran

Neil Aldridge is a photographer, film maker, speaker and professional wildlife guide. He uses his work to increase understanding and awareness of conservation issues and inspire change. His photography has been published by National Geographic, as well as in BBC Wildlife magazine and the collaborative Remembering Wildlife and Photographers Against Wildlife Crime book projects. He won the World Press Photo environment category in 2018 and the overall title of European Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2014. Some of his most significant work has focused on endangered African wild dogs, rhinos and pangolins in Africa, where he grew up. In recent years he has documented British wildlife such as bats, badgers and foxes, with particular emphasis on society’s relationship with these species.


London-based Matt Maran is the founder of Hemisphere Publishing. He has been photographing and filming wildlife for more than 20 years. His images are widely published in leading international publications including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, BBC Wildlife and National Geographic. He also works with commercial and non profit organisations and runs private and group workshops to help people engage with nature through photography. Matt’s images have featured in competitions such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Montphoto and the British Wildlife Photography Awards. More recently, his work documenting urban foxes has resulted in media attention in print, online and on-air.


FOX - Matt, Neil, Andy

Sandra Bartocha, GDT (DE)

Sandra Bartocha


A summer night in the field under a starry sky, the whisper of reeds in the wind, the tinkling beauty of ice floes gathering on the shore ...
Rhythm OfNature celebrates light and life. Sandra Bartocha takes you on an emotional and atmospheric journey through the seasons in her home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, with its quiet lakes, wide fields and meadows, old forests and the sea. Far from mere documentation, she knows how to draw the viewer into the rhythm of nature with her photographic perspective, to let them participate in the change of seasons, in becoming and passing away. Her images and video sequences celebrate thefleetingness of the moment, the greatness hidden in the small, the beauty of the subtile

About Sandra Bartocha
Sandra Bartocha is a German photographer, speaker and author specialising in natural landscapes as well as abstract work, with the specific aim of creating images that evoke an emotional response. Sandra is vice president of the GDT –German Society for Nature Photography, chief editor of the magazine GDT Forum Naturfotografie, and author of various publications, including Fotoschule in Bildern. Naturfotografie and the highly acclaimed coffee table books LYS - An Intimate Journey to the North and Rhythm Of Nature. Her pictures have been awarded in major international competitions, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the International Photography Awards, and are regularly presented in exhibitions in museums and galleries in Europe. Sandra was a contributor to the pan-European project, Wild Wonders of Europe.


Sandra Bartocha

Joan de la Malla (ES)


Photography as a tool for nature conservation
How nature photography can be a key factor for conservation projects

Today, photography can play a key role in conservation. It is the most universal of languages and, used appropriately, can communicate, report and raise environmental awareness. This presentation is a reflection on why and how images can serve this purpose and how they can be used to achieve the greatest possible impact.

About Joan de la Malla

Joan de la Malla is a photographer specialising in the environment and indigenous peoples, and a biologist specialising in organisms and systems. He is dedicated to conservation, working with national and international organisations to raise awareness for the important task of securing the future of endangered species and their habitats. He is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and also contributes with his images to the Photographers Against Wildlife Crime initiative.



Morten Hilmer (DK)

Morten Hilmer

Chasing my lost spirit

The dream of being a professional nature photographer was planted in my mind at an early age when I walked in the woodlands, chasing magical moments in nature. Today I live my dream, but even though the passion that started it all was so genuine, it was apparently also fragile and easy to lose sight of in a profession that demands quick results and sensation. This is my story of a lost passion that had to be rediscovered in the most unusual way!


About Morton Hilmer
I find peace and serenity within myself when I spend time in nature and feel its authenticity. When the blizzard rages, when rain and wind make animals and people seek shelter, or when night settles over the forest. For me, it's not just about taking the perfect picture of an animal, but rather about capturing the intense mood or unique feeling that I can only experience in wild nature. Adventure as my guide – from 2005, I served two years in a Danish military special forces unit, the Sirius Patrol. I spent two more years in the northern parts of Greenland, where I got to know the local people and worked on photography projects. My driving force is a sense of adventure, my fascination for nature and my curiosity and empathy for other cultures. From the indigenous peoples of South America to Greenlanders in the northernmost settlements, it has led me to many remote regions.

Morten Hilmer

Angel Fitor, GDT (ES)

Angel Fitor

GELATA - Creatures of water

In the species-rich group of gelatinous zooplankton, also known as Gelata, the most extraordinary life forms can be found. Since these animals are essentially made of water, light can pass through their translucent bodies, making them the most amazing subjects of aquatic ecosystems.


INSTAGRAM: @angelfitor

About Angel Fitor
Spaniard Angel Fitor has worked as a professional nature photographer since the 1980s, specialising in aquatic habitats. His work has been published in National Geographic and GEO and has won awards in some of the world's most prestigious photography competitions, including World Press Photo, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Nature Photographer of the Year, Big Picture, National Geographic Photo Contest and Sony World Photography Awards. Angel has been a lecturer at WildPhotos and a judge in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Montphoto competitions.
Angel Fitor

Jan Leßmann, Hermann Hirsch und Klaus Tamm, all GDT (DE)

Hirsch, Piecha, Tamm - Schottland

Scotland – A winter journey

Three photographers heading for the Scottish wilderness. Breathtaking animal observations in winter wonderland, secret inhabitants of the forests and quiet landscapes. Photography is their artistic expression, nature their inspiration. For more than four years, Jan Leßmann, Hermann Hirsch and Klaus Tamm observed and photographed Scottish nature in winter. The result is an inspiring talk about community, devotion and the love of nature.




About Jan Leßmann, Hermann Hirsch and Klaus Tamm
Jan Leßmann, Hermann Hirsch and Klaus Tamm are joined by their love of nature, art and an experimental approach in photography. A sense of humour accompanies them as they stroll around landscapes, look for woodcocks and wood pigeons and transform everyday situations into their personal view of art. Jan is a graduate landscape ecologist, Hermann is a trained carpenter and Klaus runs a waste management company. Their common objective is to draw attention to the beauty of nature and to preserve respectful interaction between humans and nature. Many of their photographs have been awarded prizes in international competitions and presented in exhibitions and books.
Hirsch, Piecha, Tamm - Schottland

GDT Regionalgruppe 15 München-Südbayern


Wild Isar
Natural treasures between high mountains, large cities and meadow landscapes

The river Isar - created by nature, shaped by human hands It is THE iconic river of Bavaria. During its course from the high mountains to its estuary, this river runs through large cities and provides habitat for rare species of flora and fauna. For three years 20 photographers of the GDT regional group Munich/South Bavaria have captured images of the wild Isar. In six stages accompanied by genuine music Christopher Meyer and Karl Seidl will lead the audience along the river Isar from its source to its estuary.


About Karl Seidl and Christopher Meyer

Karl Seidl - Nature photography is his passion. Most of his images originate from the national parks of Bavaria and Austria. Short distances to these destinations enable him to revisit the same spots at different times of day and year, and acquire intimate knowledge of a specific region. He is driven by the aim to provide views that cannot be seen from the parking lot, that need hiking and climbing, or alternatively in winter and spring require the use of snow shoes or skis. East Tyrol has become a second home to him. The wildlife and the mountain landscape never fail to capture him anew; all year round and in all kinds of weather. But he also likes to take extensive travels to Scandinavia and other wonderful place around the world.


Christopher Meyer - His intense involvement with local nature during his studies in landscape planning led him to nature photography. His photography up to then was based on documentation, which progressed to an aesthetically reduced examination of nature through several years as a member of the GDT group of young photographers. Today his focus in photography is on the diverse Alpine foothills and the diversity of nutrient-poor grassland along the rivers Isar and Lech.

Instagram: naturfotografie.meyer


Mohammad Murad, GDT (KW)


Kuwait's nature – A hidden gem

Many people think that Kuwait is all about oil and desert, but it is a hidden gem when it come to birds and wildlife. Mohammad Murad will take us on a journey through Kuwait's unknown landscapes and diverse natural environment.


About Mohammad Murad
Born in 1976 in Kuwait, Mohammad Murad is an award-winning photographer specializing in wildlife photography with a special interest and passion for bird photography. It was only in 2015, at the age of 39, that the enthusiasm for nature photography sparked in the graduate of communication technology, and since then he has already had numerous successes to his credit. A particular desire of his is slow shutter photography, a technique that fascinates him because it carries an air of mystery, something that reflects his inner self.

Britta Jaschinski (DE/GB)


100 photographs that may change the world

They way we produce and consume food and other essentials of our life, creates perfect conditions for viruses to spread. THE EVIDENCE PROJECT aims to explore how and why this happens. This global campaign initiated by Britta Jaschinski, Keith Wilson and Arturo de Frías, is based on the universal language of photography to explain the connection between the destruction of our ecosystems, the life-threatening effect for wildlife and plants and the outbreak of deadly new diseases. Britta's cause is supported by world-famous photographers such as Luca Locatelli, Brian Skerry, Brent Stirton and many more. Their images will be used, among other things, to create a book that calls on governments, legislators, businesses, opinion leaders and consumers to make the urgent changes needed to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all humans and animals This is what Britta says: "It really is an emergency! But I know there is hope. We're also trying to show what people can do to make a real difference with small adjustments in their daily lives."

About Britta Jaschinski
Photographer Britta Jaschinski is well known for her unique style of photojournalism and has won numerous international awards. She has been working with governments, state agencies, environmental organisations, charities and NGOs. When not in the field, she gives talks at photo festivals across Europe about nature conservation through the means of photography. Her investigative images and multimedia shows on wildlife trafficking are haunting but always inspiring. Jaschinski's work has been published by GEO, National Geographic, Stern, Spiegel, The Guardian, WWF Media, Süddeutsche Zeitung and numerous other magazines, newspapers and books. Her stories feature in exhibitions all over the world. She is a founding member of Photographers Against Wildlife Crime, an international group of photographers who have joined forces to use their iconic images to help end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetime.


Britta Jaschinsky (by Keith Wilson)

Ferry Böhme, GDT (DE)

Ferry Boehme

Fascination Odonata

Photo adventures in the realm of flying jewels

Experience colourful pictures, interesting facts and funny stories about the native aliens - from hatching to superlatives like "eye-sight " or "flying". Ferry recounts 10 years of the dragonfly project, spiced up with unbelievable episodes.


About Ferry Böhme
The vet from Fürstenfeldbruck pursues his passion for photography in many corners of the world, from Scotland to New Zealand. Most often, however, he enthusiastically explores his southern German territory on the doorstep for his project Adventure – Wilderness – Home. Dragonflies and damselflies are a popular motif on these excursions - a passion that resulted in the first coffee-table book in German about these fascinating insects in 2018. Ferry works as a trainer at photo academies and has been a lecturer for many years and a full member of RG 15 of the GDT.
Ferry Boehme

Ingo Zahlheimer, GDT (DE)

Ingo Zahlheimer

Rewilding Apennines

My voluntary work in the wilderness

Wild animals and breathtaking landscapes in the heart of Italy, the Abruzzo mountains. Impressions of a photographer and volunteer at Rewilding Apennines - where carcasses mean life.


About Ingo Zahlheimer
Ingo Zahlheimer studied geography and is currently completing is master's degree in nature conservation and landscape planning. His enthusiasm for nature developed at an early age and his experiences have always been captured in photographs. He grew up winning the youth photography competition Nature in Focus and was asked to go to London as a finalist for the 50th anniversary of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. In addition to commissioned work in nature photography and film, he also realises his own projects. He published his first book Naturschönheiten Niederbayerns (Natural Beauties of Lower Bavaria) together with an audio-visual show and exhibition in 2019. As part of his studies, he spent five months abroad with Rewilding Apennines.
Ingo Zahlheimer

Florian & Lisa Marie Smit, GDT (DE)

Florian Smit

Scandinavia – Fascinating wilderness

Florian Smit has been travelling to Scandinavia since his childhood. With each visit, his passion for the barren landscapes and his attachment to the Nordic wildlife grew. Today, he regularly travels to the far north with his wife Lisa, always with the aim of realising a new photo project. Long hikes and a lot of patience lead the two adventurers to extraordinary places and magnificent natural spectacles. In over 300 days of travelling, they explored the largest national parks in Scandinavia. For them, these journeys are not about discovering new landscapes, but about learning to see our world through different eyes.

About Florian and Lisa Marie Smit
Florian Smit (29) works as a professional nature photographer and lives with his wife Lisa Marie (28) near Bremervörde in North Germany. He has been drawn to nature since his earliest childhood, but the camera only joined him later. In 2012 he dropped out of high school and began training as a photographer. He graduated in summer 2015 as one of the best graduates in Germany. Since then, he has been working as a freelancer. Together with Lisa, he is following his lifelong dream of travelling. The two have been living together for over ten years.


Florian Smit