GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019

Competition Rules & Participation

Take part ... the competition GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019!

For the 19th time the Society of German Nature Photographers (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen - GDT) invites professional and non-professional photographers from all over Europe to join this year‘s competition.

The competition aims to illustrate the high quality and specific style of European wildlife photography through excellent pictures from Europe and all over the world. It also seeks to promote awareness for nature conservation through the means of photography.


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The competition rules are available for download:

ENGLISH: Competition Rules (PDF)
FRANÇAIS/FRANZÖSISCH: Reglèment du concours (PDF)
ESPAGNOL/SPANISCH: Reglas del concurso (PDF)

Entry form for submitting entries by post:

ENGLISH/GERMAN: Entry form / Formulaire de participation / Formulario relleno (PDF)

Entry deadline is 1 March 2019 at midnight (CET)!


  • There will be cash and material prizes in the amount of 25,000 EUR altogether.

  • Overall winner: 3,000 EUR, invitation to the award ceremony (travel expenses, costs for the buffet and accommodation)

  • K 1 – 8: winners: 800 EUR, runners-up: 500 EUR

  • K 9: winners: 200 EUR as well as an invitation to the award ceremony (travel expenses, costs for the buffet and accommodation; includes expenses for an accompanying adult), runners-up: 100 EUR

  • All winning participants will receive free tickets to the GDT International Nature Photography Festival 2019 in Lünen as well as the exhibition catalogue.


Judging Panel

  • Magdalena Herrera, CU/FR (GEO France)
  • Emmanuel Boitier, FR (writer/wildlife photographer)
  • Richard Peters, GB (wildlife photographer/writer)
  • Hermann Hirsch, DE (wildlife photographer)
  • Werner Bollmann, DE (wildlife photographer/writer)

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Online Participation

Online participation 2019 is finished.