GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

Judging panel

Sophie Stafford, GB (Magazine Editor | Writer)

Sophie Stafford
Sophie is an independent communications and photography consultant for many leading conservation charities, including WWF, improving supporter engagement through the power of visual storytelling. She is also Communications Manager for Rhino Conservation Botswana, empowering audiences worldwide to make a difference to the plight of Africa’s wild rhinos.

Sophie was the editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine for nearly 10 years. During this time, she helped countless photographers to develop their skills, realise their potential and reach new audiences with their work. She also co-managed and judged the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. She is an affiliate of the International League of Conservation Photographers, on the advisory board of the Wildscreen Film Festival, and regularly joins the juries of many world-leading photo competitions.


Britta Jaschinski, GB/DE (wildlife photographer)

Britta Jaschinsky (by Keith Wilson)
German photographer Britta Jaschinski moved to the United Kingdom in the 90s and rose to prominence with her first book publication shortly after. In the 20 years since, she has won numerous international awards for her unique style of photojournalism. Jaschinski is devoted to documenting the fractured existence of wildlife, which suffers in the name of entertainment, status, greed and superstition. She is a professional photographer based in London, but her passion to protect animals takes her across the globe. Her stories investigate the relationship we have with animals and highlights what we risk to loose. Her photos are troubling, unsettling, sometimes hard-hitting and yet beautiful.

Her latest series is CRIMES, examining the question ‘Wildlife Or Commodity? For the past year she has documented wildlife items at borders and airports that people try to smuggle across the globe. Jaschinski is hoping to emphasize the ruthless killing and the illegal movement of endangered species. The image CONFISCATED has been published worldwide and won her the title of the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017, the Grand Prize of the Big Picture Competition 2017 and is a Winner in the Magnum Photography Award 2017.

Britta Jaschinski is the co-founder of Photographers Against Wildlife Crime™ - an international group of award winning photographers who have joined forces to use their powerful and iconic images to help bring an end to the illegal wildlife trade. They will draw attention to this deadly subject with a truly unique book, supported via crowdfunding and to be published in May 2018.

Sandra Bartocha, DE (wildlife photographer)

Sandra Bartocha
Sandra Bartocha (1980) is a German freelance photographer and author specialising in natural landscapes, forest and plants as well as abstract work, with the specific aim of creating images that evoke an emotional response.
Sandra is vice president of the Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT) and is chief editor of the magazine GDT Forum Naturfotografie. Her pictures have been published in European magazines, several coffee table and how-to books as well as calendars. Her images have received prizes in numerous international competitions – including the International Photography Awards and Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
She was one of the photographic team on the pan-European Wild Wonders of Europe initiative and has been working on a long-term project about the north of Europe – LYS.

Roy Mangersnes, NO (wildlife photographer)

Roy Mangersnes
Roy Mangersnes is a trained behaviourist and professional wildlife photographer based in Norway. He is one of the most influential nature photographers in Norway today. He has published several books and won many international awards including BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (GDT) and Nature Best Awards 2012. Well-travelled in warmer climates, Roy’s speciality is the Arctic, and in 2014 he was awarded Arctic Photographer of the Year by the Global Arctic Awards. His images are being published in magazines and books throughout the world. He is also an experienced speaker presenting his work at several international photo festivals.

As a conservationist by heart Roy is one of the founding photographers of the Penguin World NGO, addressing conservation issues in our oceans with penguins as their ambassadors. He has also been selected to be a photographer in one of the greatest conservation photography projects currently taking place, the Wild Wonders of China.
Roy is the co-founder of WildPhoto Travel, a Svalbard-based travel company specialised in photo expeditions. In Svalbard they have also opened the northernmost fine-art gallery of the world.

Klaus Nigge, DE (wildlife photographer)

Klaus Nigge
Klaus Nigge is a wildlife photo journalist. After studying biology, philosophy and art he worked as a biologist before becoming a freelance photographer in 1995. Currently he mainly works for GEO and National Geographic Magazine. He was president of the GDT between 1993 and 1996, and together with the team of the board of management he initiated the first GDT Nature Photography Festival in Lünen.