Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen e.V.

Winner of the Fritz Pölking Junior Award 2011

Radomir Jakubowski, GDT - Germany

My name is Radomir Jakubowski. I was born in 1987 and nature photography is my passion. I first came into contact with photography when I was 11 years old. Using an old Pentax camera, my father explained the essentials of photography to me. To be honest, at that time I thought that I would never spend so much time on a single photograph as my father did - today that is a fraction of the time I need for each image.
I really got started when I was 15 years old with one of the first digital cameras, which enabled me to photograph as much as I liked while keeping the costs low. Very soon, I began to photograph nothing but nature; I was especially fascinated by small details. My interest grew into fascination and the fascination into passion. Looking back, I would say that my interest in nature originally developed from the interest in photography, and today, I have reached a balance of the two.
I spend all my free time with nature photography. Rare and spectacular images are not an absolute necessity for me. Instead, I relish shapes, structures and colours found in nature. Today, I cover the broad range from animal to landscape photography, in close-ups as well as in telephotography. In my images, I endeavour to achieve a creative portrayal of subjects to make each photograph individual.

Norwegian Autumn

A long time ago, I fell in love with the images I had seen of Norway's landscapes. I was especially taken with the atmosphere in autumn. So it was not really a surprise when I got my gear together and travelled to Norway in 2009 for the first time, staying for more than a month from September to October, and then for a second time in the autumn of 2010. During these stays, I went on numerous hikes exploring a number of areas, especially the national parks of Rondane, Dovre and Dovrefjell. Daily tours ranging between 12 and 17 hours allowed enough time to enjoy nature, to take in the tundra-like Landscape and to photograph extensively. The rough characteristic landscape of the mountain tundra, the fantastic autumn colours, the early snow, often already beginning to fall in September, and the seemingly primeval musk oxen were most captivating to me. With this portfolio, I would like to showcase the exceptional beauty of autumn in Norway.

Young Animal Silhouette

Silhouette of a young musk ox in front of a mountain setting.

A Hard Climb

With the first snow the musk oxen migrate to higher grounds on the Fjells.

Musk Oxen Mating

Autumn is the musk oxen's mating season.

Mother Love

A female musk ox with calf suckling.

Norwegian Grass

Rain, wind, dark clouds - typical autumn
weather in Litledalen.

The Blue Hour

Long before sunrise, the autumn in Rondane National Park displays its most
beautiful side.

Tree of Life

Alpine azalea (Loiseleuria procumbens) coincidentally growing in the shape of a tree.

Tree Spider

A spider sitting on the bark of a tree.

First Snow

Below the mountain tops covered in a first soft layer
of snow, the Indian summer is still prevailing.

Indian Summer

Autumn at its best.

Changing Weather

While winter is approaching, heavy rains arrive. Rain and sun at the same time
is, however, a rare occurrence.

Snow in Autumn

An early start of the winter in 2010 covered fully foliated trees in snow. A thick
fog and sunshine at the same time created the right light conditions.

Frost arriving

As early as September, temperatures in Rondane National Park sink as low
as minus 15°C.

Winter is Arriving

Winter is taking its grip on the landscape and the last open stretches of water
freeze over, too.